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Rehabilitation journey

Your rehabilitation journey has four phases: Referral and intake, Assessment and planning, Intervention, and File closure. Your VAC Case Manager, RSS and Rehabilitation Service Professional (RSP) will provide support during each phase to ensure you have the best possible outcome. Here’s what to expect at each phase.

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1. Referral and intake

Your rehabilitation journey begins when your VAC Case Manager determines you are eligible for the Rehabilitation Program and refers you to PCVRS.

  • Once your referral is received, we will contact you to schedule your intake interview and explain how to access and navigate the Participant Portal.
  • At the intake interview, you will meet with your RSS. You are welcome to include a family member or support person you trust. The purpose of the intake interview is to:
    • Discuss any barriers caused by your health problems
    • Identify your medical, psycho-social and/or vocational rehabilitation needs
    • Identify potential rehabilitation services to be included in your Rehabilitation Plan
  • Your RSS may request your consent to communicate with your current healthcare professional(s) to better understand your current health status. We use the VAC520 (release of information) and VAC928 (collection of information) forms are used
  • Document the specific information PCVRS will request and your consent to collect that information

At the end of this phase, your RSS will provide to your VAC Case Manager a progress update containing recommended next steps for your rehabilitation needs.

The four phases on the rehabilitation journey.

2. Assessment and planning

Depending on your specific rehabilitation needs, your RSS may recommend you attend one or more assessments with Rehabilitation Service Professionals (RSPs).

These assessments help us better understand your rehabilitation needs and goals. They also identify barriers you may face in your rehabilitation and transition to life after service.

Once approved, you will be provided a copy of your Rehabilitation Plan and begin the Intervention phase.

Assessments may be recommended at different phases of your rehabilitation journey.

3. Intervention

Your RSS will work with you to find treatment and service providers that best meet your needs. You’ll meet with these providers within approximately 10 days of your Rehabilitation Plan being approved. These interventions will be specific to your rehabilitation goals and may include services provided by medical, psycho-social or vocational rehabilitation professionals.

  • During this phase, your RSS will review your progress and provide regular updates to your VAC Case Manager.
  • Throughout your journey, if your Rehabilitation Plan requires changes, you, your RSS and your VAC Case Manager can discuss and make appropriate revisions.

4. File closure

Once it is determined that the goals outlined in your Rehabilitation Plan have been accomplished, your RSS will recommend that your PCVRS file be closed.

Before that happens, you will have a chance to discuss it with your RSS and VAC Case Manager.

After your file is closed, you will continue to have access to a range of tools and resources on the Participant Portal. You may continue case management services with your VAC Case Manager.

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